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Komodo Island One Day Tour From Bali

Komodo Island atau yang biasa disebut Pulau Komodo adalah salah satu pulau di Negara Indonesia. Hari pertama ni kami akan ke Gili Trawangan yang merupakan satu play tumpuan pelancong. Obviously this species is only found on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Mount Bromo is a volcano remains active, in order to possess appeal tersindiri for vacationers. Flora and Fauna The kinds of vegetation found at the national park are mangrove forest, coastal forest, lowland swamp forest, riverbank vegetation, lowland rainforest, mountain rainforest and coral reefs.

Komodo Flores Tour Package

The increase was phenomenal and seeing a lot of komodo dragons in their natural habitat was a true dream come true. Two famous surf breaks in Indonesia will be the G-Land from the Bay of Grajagan, East Java, and Lagundri Bay at the southern end of Nias island.In August, a female Komodo dragon will dig out a nest of a bird's nest mounds former Gosong (Anas reindwardt) on the hill and nest hole in the ground, to keep the eggs that can achieve 38 points. Selain arus yang tidak terlalu years, Anda bisa menyaksikan pemandangan bawah laut yang menakjubkan beserta species yang indah seperti ikan manta ray komodo island tour from bali dan species lainnya.Besides Komodos, the park is a home for animals like rusa (Cervus timorensis floresiensis), babi hutan (Sus scrofa), ajag (Cuon alpinus javanicus), kuda liar (Equus qaballus) and kerbau liar (Bubalus bubalis).

Morning leaving boat for Komodo trip, return on boat swimming at red beach then sail to Rinca island lunch, dinner and over night on boat.Now the dive center remains the sole Career Development Center on Gili Trawangan and boasts dedicated Instructor training facilities such as classroom, swimming pool along with a dedicated vessel. The islands have been unspoiled and beautiful sea is still making direct tourists hooked. In my previous article, W1801 - From the pink!

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The playground is aUNESCO World Heritage Siteand comprises the three big islands - Komodo,PadarandRinca, and 26 smaller ones. Bayi komodo akan hidup di atas pohon untuk menghindari pemangsa yang merupakan komodo flores island tour lainnya. Komodo Mega tours and travel service Indonesia is that you travel agent for the excursions to Indonesia unique to Komodo and Flores Island.A recent study (Aug 17th, 2007) revealed three mature Komodo dragons are ingesting on a young Hawksbill sea turtle.